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Meet our Division and Faculty

We have a diverse faculty with wide-ranging clinical and research interests. Many are internationally known and have been in the department for many years. We also have bright young faculty who bring new interests and enthusiasm to the practice and teaching of pediatric critical care. All clinical faculty participate in Fellow training, clinical practice, and research.

Sarah Haskell, DO
Division Chief

Aditya Badheka, MBBS, MS
Medical Director

Sarah Haskell, DO
Fellowship Program Director

Shilpa Balikai, DO, MSEd
Associate Fellowship Program Director

Madhu Chegondi, MBBS, MD
Transport Director

  • Mitchell Luangrath, MD
  • Elizabeth Newell, MD
  • Katharine Robb, MD
  • Cody Tigges, MD
  • Kari Wellnitz, MD

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Nurse Practitioners

Cassie Limoges (Nurse Practitioner Supervisor)
Jodi Bloxham
Kristen Brown
Heather Elmore
Kristin Fensterbusch
Tricia Michna
|Brittany Pechous (PICC Line Nurse)
Danielle Hodge
Katelin Hildreth

Nurse Managers

Jennifer Erdahl (Nurse Manager)
Lindsay Fayram (Assistant Nurse Manager)
Nicole Artioli (Assistant Nurse Manager)


Paula Levette
Mandi Houston