Clinical Neuro-Educator Training Program (CNE-TP)

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The CNE-TP is designed for residents with an interest in becoming clinician educators. The three-year curriculum provides training in foundations of medical education and educational opportunities with learners, in addition to what is received during residency training. The CNE-TP utilizes the resources available through the Department of Neurology, Office of Consultation and Research in Medical Education (OCRME), and University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine.

CNE-TP Goals

Develop skills to become an effective medical educator
Understanding and contributing to scholarship in medical education
Develop the foundation for a future career in medical education

CNE-TP Curriculum

Spring PGY1

  • Applications accepted for CNE-TP​


  • Identify a mentor


  • Attend five OCRME sessions


  • Begin scholarly project on education


  • Teach neuro exam to medical students during core clerkship oritentation (three sessions each)


  • Implementation of scholarly project
  • June - teach the neuro exam to PGY1 class during their Neurology Immersion Block
  • Grand Rounds project presentations

Quarterly meetings throughout the academic year for all CNE-TP residents to discuss teaching topics and ongoing resident projects