Clinical Curriculum

Schedule offerings:

y-Week Example

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
AM COC - VA Specialty Clinic COC - VA Specialty Clinic Specialty Clinic
PM COC - UI Hospitals and Clinics Specialty Clinic Specialty Clinic COC - UI Hospitals and Clinics Administrative

COC Clinics

  • Continuity of Care clinics allow residents to build their own panel of patients during PGY2 - PGY4
  • Each resident has a COC clinic at VA and UI Hospitals and Clinics
  • Opportunity to manage diseases over time such as Parkinson disease, dementias, multiple sclerosis, polyneuropathies, migraine, and epilepsy 
  • COC Clinics are staffed by faculty chosen for their teaching skills

Specialty Clinics

  • Experience the specialty clinics such as epilepsy, movement disorders, neuroimmunology, neuromuscular, cognitive, neurogenetics, sleep medicine, neurointerventional surgery, neuro-oncology, and stroke
  • Opportunity to explore various specialties and potential fellowships
  • Dedicated lumbar puncture clinic

Administrative Half-Day

  • Time set aside for clinical note completion, patient phone calls, and study