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Research Opportunities


At the University of Iowa, residents with and without previous research experience have the opportunity to participate in research during residency. They are encouraged to select a project and a mentor that is tailored to their areas of interest. For those seeking to make research a core component of their residency training, the program offers a Research Track for selected residents with a strong interest in research. Additionally, those with previous research experience are encouraged to participate in the Physician-Scientist Training Pathway, to further advance their skills.

Through the Iowa Neuroscience Institute, the University of Iowa remains a leader in ongoing neuroscience research. The institute allows for neuroscience research to be conducted collaboratively, amongst scientists in diverse fields of study. A few areas of research include neurodegenerative diseases, molecular psychiatry, and behavioral neuroscience. Additionally, the University is home to the Iowa Neuroimaging Consortium, recognized as one of the founding leaders in the field of neuroimaging.

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