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FiedorowiczResearch Opportunities

Residents with and without research experience have the opportunity to participate in research during their time at University of Iowa. They are encouraged to select a project and a mentor that is tailored to their areas of interest. Additionally, those with previous research experience are welcome to participate in the Physician-Scientist Training Pathway to advance their skills.

Read about current research projects in the Department of Psychiatry at University of Iowa.

Research Track

The UI Department of Psychiatry offers a research track (RT) for selected residents with a strong interest in research. Typically, these individuals will have demonstrated interest through prior research experiences, publications and presentations. The expectation is that RT residents will develop into highly skilled physician-scientists.

RT residents are assigned a faculty mentor to help begin the process of professional development. The mentor is typically a senior investigator in the trainee’s area of interest. During the PGY1 year, the RT trainee will meet with his or her mentor and develop a personalized training plan designed to fit the trainees’ research interests. Specific developmental benchmarks are clarified and a curriculum is individualized for the RT resident. Research mentors are also available in other departments within the Carver College of Medicine.

Beginning in the PGY1 year, elective time can be embedded in the resident’s curriculum to provide a 1-block dedicated research experience, with a 2-block dedicated research experience in the PGY2 year. These experiences will involve supervised laboratory and/or clinical experimentation as well as an independent scholarly literature review. RT trainees may spend up to 40% effort (2 days per week) of their PGY3 year in a mentored research experience. RT residents are encouraged to publish a scholarly review or empirical experimental findings, and participate in a national or international scientific meeting (supported by the department). The mentored research experience is expanded in the PGY4 year. At that time, the RT resident is encouraged to develop applications for fellowship training or individual career development awards. The RT trainee may choose to enter a research fellowship at the University of Iowa or elsewhere. Some trainees will progress directly into a faculty position.

Candidates interested in the RT are encouraged to discuss their interest with Dr. Alexander Thompson. The RT resident may be eligible to enter the Physician Scientist Training Pathway (PSTP). Find additional information about the PSTP program.