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Pathology PSTP Oversight Committee

This committee provides orientation and early mentoring as outlined below.

1st meeting (orientation meeting) -- first month of residency training.

  • Overview of the training pathway individualized to the trainee's needs.
  • Research lab selection.
  • Exploration of potential career paths, potential mentors and related resources.
  • Residency rotation scheduling preferences.

2nd meeting -- third month of PGY1.

  • Monitor and/or facilitate the process of identifying a research laboratory and mentor.
  • Assist in AP vs. CP residency decision for undecided trainees.

3rd meeting -- sixth months of PGY1.

  • Review short list of research laboratory options (if necessary).
  • Select 12/6/18 month or 18/6/12 month track for sequencing of clinical-research-clinical training during residency.
  • Discuss options, deadlines, requirements, and application process for postdoctoral funding to support research.

4th meeting -- two months into the six month research block (PGY2).

  • Monitor early progress in the laboratory.
  • Discuss suitability of the chosen mentor for the trainee.
  • Monitor progress on identifying/pursuing research funding.
  • Determine if mentoring responsibility can be transferred to customized PSTP Advisory Committee (PAC).
    • If yes: review of PAC responsibilities and trainee progress with PAC Chairperson.
    • If no: develop a timeline for transfer of mentorship to PAC.