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Pathology PSTP Advisory Committee

The PSTP Advisory Committee (PAC) is typically formed during PGY2. This group assumes mentoring responsibility from the PSTP Oversight Committee in a coordinated manner.

  • PAC membership
    • One faculty member in Pathology with active clinical and research roles. This member serves as PAC Chairperson.
    • Trainee’s research laboratory principal investigator.
    • One faculty clinical advisor, chosen from specialized field of interest.
    • One faculty member outside of Pathology (encouraged).
      • Choice may include faculty member with secondary appointment in Pathology.
      • This individual's role is to provide expertise relevant to the trainee’s scientific or clinical development and may help the trainee negotiate their first employment contract without bias.
    • Other individuals may be included at the PAC chair or trainee’s request.
  • PAC duties
    • Oversight of the trainee’s overall progress, including:
      • Research, including estimates of length of research training phase.
      • Funding applications (proposal guidelines, critical review).
      • Publications.
      • Oral Presentations on research.
      • Attendance at national meetings.
      • Clinical skills maintenance during post-doctoral training.
      • Potential clinical fellowship training.
      • Residency rotation scheduling (in consultation with residency program director).
      • Job placement/application.
      • Other concerns of the trainee.
    • Meeting schedule:
      • Once towards the end of the 6 month research block in PGY2 (assuming PAC has been assembled at this time).
      • At least once per year during post-doctoral training (more often if necessary or desired).
    • Reports to PSTP Oversight Committee after every meeting using a PAC Progress Assessment Form completed by the PAC Chair.