Residents participate in both formal and informal teaching in the department in a variety of venues that allow each trainee to grow and develop as a teacher. Residents facilitate pathology small groups that occur in the pre-clinical medical school curriculum (Mechanism of Health & Disease courses) for first- and second-year medical students. These are case-based sessions for 8-10 medical students that utilize a web-based portal and virtual slides for pathology education. Not only do these sessions provide valuable education to our medical students, they provide an opportunity for residents to revisit important concepts themselves. These small groups are also a great way for residents to mentor medical students who might be interested in pathology.

Residents are also involved in teaching medical students who rotate on pathology electives in both AP and CP. We also have a robust Externship (post-sophomore fellowship) program for medical students, and other residents take an active role in teaching and mentoring our externs. There are a variety of other learners on some of our services (residents or fellows from other programs) and residents participate informally in teaching in those settings.

Residents give formal presentations in a number of departmental and interdepartmental conferences. Some are short 10-15 minute case-based presentations, while others are longer sessions such as a slide unknown conference, grand rounds, mortality and morbidity conferences, etc. In addition to the above activities, other opportunities for teaching are available for a resident with an interest and aptitude for teaching and medical education. For example, occasional residents have given a formal lecture in one of our pathology courses for allied health students.