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Residents are encouraged to become involved in research. Elective time may be used for research training or in depth study in a subspecialty area. Six months of elective time is available. Clinical pathologic studies and developmental projects can be carried out during short elective blocks; whereas, one or more years of research time is recommended for in-depth laboratory investigation. The opportunity for clinical pathologic studies or developmental projects exists in all clinical areas of the department and residents are given travel support to present abstracts at national meetings.

The Department also offers a Physician Scientist Training Program (PSTP) for those interested in an academic career with an emphasis on basic or translational research.

Active areas of laboratory investigation within the department include cellular and molecular immunology, vascular biology, molecular virology, hemostasis/thrombosis, experimental neuropathology, and cell and tumor biology. A variety of NIH funded intramural programs are available for additional years of research training. These include:

  • Program in Hemostasis Thrombosis for Academic Trainees
  • Tumor Biology Training Grant
  • Cardiovascular Center Training Grant
  • Physician Scientist Program Award
  • Immunology Training Program
  • Parasitology Training Program
  • Infectious Disease Training Program