Timothy Woodiwiss, MD

Medical school: University of Washington School of Medicine

Undergraduate: Washington State University

Hometown: Moses Lake, WA

“During my sub-internships around the country, I was impressed with the uniform consensus around the excellent track record of producing well trained academic neurosurgeons at the University of Iowa.  During my interview at the University of Iowa, I was struck by the enthusiasm for and commitment to structured resident mentorship by Dr. Howard and Dr. Greenlee, as well as the two dedicated years for research which can take place anywhere in the world. After ranking Iowa highly and being fortunate enough to match here, I can say with confidence that if being an academic neurosurgeon is your career goal, then the University of Iowa should be a program on your radar.”

Clinical and research interests

  • Primary brain tumors

Selected publications

Ruzevick J, Woodiwiss T, Emerson S, Patel A, Sekhar L, Ferriera M. Adjuvant radiation does not decrease the risk of short-term tumor recurrence or improve overall survival in patients with atypical meningioma. Journal of Neuro-Oncology (2019). Submitted

Chibawanye E, Kreuser S, Zhang H, Arora S, Moyes K, Szulzewsky F, Wirsching H, Patel A, Kong P, Woodiwiss T, Houghton A, Pierce R, Crane C, Holland E. Anti-PD-L1 antibody direct activation of macrophages contributes to an abscopal response in murine brain tumors. Cancer Cell (2019). Submitted

Woodiwiss TR, Whipple M, Wu PC. Student satisfaction and the value of participation in a structured medical student research program. J Investig Med (2017) 65 (1): 111

Puthiyaveetil S, Woodiwiss T, Knoerdel R, Zia A, Wood M, Hoehner R, Kirchhoff H. Significance of The Photosystem II Core Phosphatase PBCP For Plant Viability and Protein Repair in Thylakoid Membranes. Plant Cell Physiol (2014) 55 (7): 1245-1254