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Second Year

Second year trainingThe second year of training is divided evenly between internal medicine and psychiatry.

While on internal medicine rotations, second year residents are considered senior residents and rotate in the Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) and the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit. They also lead inpatient teams in general internal medicine, hematology-oncology, cardiology, and night internal medicine rotations.

While on psychiatry rotations, second year residents are still considered junior residents (a distinction primarily relevant to the call schedule) and rotate on the emergency psychiatry service, consultation-liaison psychiatry service, geriatric psychiatry unit, eating and mood disorders unit, and psychotic disorders unit.

As in the previous year, second year residents continue to follow a panel of patients in an outpatient setting through a continuity of care clinic at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics or the Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Continuity of Care Clinics are scheduled every Y week (occurring for one week between four-week-long rotations). During inpatient psychiatry rotations, residents are scheduled for one half-day per week in their continuity of care clinic.

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