Internal Medicine Conferences

Core Curriculum

Core Conference is held Monday through Friday at both University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics and the Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Conferences are aimed at enhancing core medical knowledge, developing diagnostic reasoning, and promoting principles of life-long learning.

Case Conference

During this interactive conference, a case is presented by the chief Resident or by the admitting resident. As the case unfolds, residents comment on differential diagnoses, work-up, and management strategy. Discussions vary and may focus on initial patient evaluation, clinical reasoning skills, diagnosis or management.

Journal Club

Once a month, residents meet for a critical appraisal of one to two articles in Journal Club. Assigned residents lead the discussion with facilitation from faculty. The purpose of Journal Club is to practice careful dissection/evaluation of the current literature.

Y Block

The Y block occurs for one week in between four week rotations for each resident. During this week, small group learning sessions complement the residents’ practical experiences. Seminars are designed to enhance knowledge and skills in the principles of evidence-based medicine including literature searching, critical appraisal and evidence-based decision-making as well as in other selected core topics of primary care medicine.

Grand Rounds

This weekly traditional conference provides an opportunity for the entire department to come together for an academic discussion which may range from innovative developments to comprehensive updates on key topics in internal medicine. In addition, monthly clinical pathological conferences will address undesirable outcomes and highlight opportunities for systems based improvements. Focus will be on case management, systematic problem-solving and prevention to promote understanding and learning.

Subspecialty Conferences

Each of the subspecialty divisions have regularly scheduled conferences. Residents scheduled for subspecialty rotations attend and may even present at one of these sessions. Subspecialty conferences are open to all residents.

House Staff Meeting

Once per month the residents meet with the program directors and chief residents to receive updates on anticipated changes and give feedback and suggestions regarding the program.