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Yearly Curricula

Fellows focused on a career in community practice will pursue a fully clinical two-year training program with opportunities to pursue practice-based or systems-based initiatives. While most clinical fellows participate in a two-year training program, fellows interested in a specific subspecialty or in medical education may spend an additional year in training, after consultation with the program director, division faculty, and the institutional graduate medical education officials. For such fellows, pursuit of a Masters or Certificate degree in Medical Education is a good complement to their training. Extension of training is subject to the fellow’s visa or US residency status.

Fellows focused on an academic career will pursue a three-year program strongly focused on research. They generally initiate their laboratory or clinical research training during their first year and spend the majority of their second and third years performing their research.  

All fellows receive the same clinical training during the first year of fellowship. After the first year, training is tailored to the needs and career goals of each fellow.