Quick Facts

  • A varying number of residents are accepted each year depending on the number of positions available
  • 7 total residents are ACGME approved for our training program
  • Graduates are well prepared to work in academic institutions and/or community practices
  • Over 25 departmental faculty members (including Radiation Oncology physicians, Medical Physicists, and Free Radical and Radiation Biologists) train and mentor our radiation oncology residents


  • Residents rotate several times with each physician faculty in specialized clinics ensuring that the breadth and depth of each disease site is covered
  • Research rotations in the first and second year give residents dedicated time and resources to actively engage in research and produce/submit abstracts and manuscripts
  • Pathways (16 weeks) allow for PGY4-5 residents to individualize their residency education and specialize in areas of interest within the field.