Radiation Oncology Center for Excellence

Since moving to our present location in 2008, the Center for Excellence in Image Guided Radiation Therapy has provided exceptional care to patients seen in our clinic. Through constant innovation we have provided our patients access to the best imaging modalities and state-of-the-art treatments.

Patients benefit from being imaged on a 3T MRI, PET-CT and cone-beam CT before treatment. State-of-the-art treatments and devices including IORT, SBRT, HDR-brachytherapy, 4-D gating, TSE therapy, and MR-Linac complement the more traditional treatments available using linear accelerators.

Our staff are devoted to the patients they care for, which is evident in the highest patient satisfaction ratings within the hospital unit. Each is committed to improving patient care through education, research and a "patient-first" ethos.

Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center

The Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center is the only National Cancer Institute (NCI) accredited cancer center in the state of Iowa designated as "comprehensive". This is a five-year designation (2011). A truly interdisciplinary Clinic means that patients may be seen by physicians of several specialties during the same appointment. The space occupied by the Clinic includes a pharmacy and a laboratory as well as ample provision for families accompanying their loved ones to treatment.