Independent Study and Board Preparation

Resident on computerThe field of Radiation Oncology is a highly academic specialty in which residents need to continually and consistently on their own, study the vast amount of content. For successful completion of the residency program, passing boards and effectively integrating knowledge into patient care – it is expected that each resident begins this independent study process from day one of residency. Residents will develop their own Learning Plan each year and will be monitored for progress by the Program Director semi-annually.

In addition to independent study, the program offers several exams annually to help prepare residents for boards. Residents are required to take and perform at an expected level for the following exams: In-Service, RAPHEX (physics), and Mock Orals. In-Service and RAPHEX exam scores allow residents to compare and gauge their performance nationally against their peers. The goal of mock oral exams is to simulate the actual board exam so residents are not only prepared for the medical knowledge but for the test-taking skill itself. Residents also have the opportunity to take the RABEX (radiation biology).