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Career Pathways

The training goal of our division is to provide mentorship and guidance for each fellow to develop a career path that best fits his or her interests and aspirations. The University of Iowa Pulmonary/Critical Care Division has developed four career paths: Master Clinician Pathway; Medical Education Pathway; Clinical Investigator Pathway and Basic Research Pathway. The different career paths are designed to produce physicians who will have the skills and training to become leaders in their field of expertise - in academic medicine or in the community. The common threads throughout each path are the pursuit of excellence and contribution to scholarship (broadly defined). Fellows will identify a career path at the end of their first year and then work with their individual mentors and the program leadership to develop an individualized comprehensive curriculum. It is important to recognize that these pathways are not “silos” – there may be crossover or hybridization between them – depending on the goals and aspirations of each fellow.

Master Clinician Pathway

Medical Education Pathway

Clinical Research Pathway

Basic Science Research Pathway