Fellows with faculty in conference roomEducational Conferences

The University of Iowa Stead Family Department of Pediatrics has a centralized Pediatric Core Curriculum for all pediatric subspecialty fellows which includes weekly topics such as responsible conduct of research, research ownership and authorship, teaching at the bedside, quality improvement research, and wellness. This is also the forum where fellows present their scholarly work products for review. Included in this is a separate Reflective Practice and Leadership for first year fellows to discuss challenging scenarios in medicine.

The Pediatric Critical Care Fellowship has the following conferences:

Management Conferences

Weekly PICU Clinical Conference 
Faculty, fellows and nurse practitioners discuss the current cases in the PICU and PCICU. Discussion focuses on challenging cases, difficult management decisions, and a brief update on progress of patients. 

Pediatric Cardiology/CT Surgery Conference 
Faculty, fellows and nurse practitioners on service in the PCICU attend the joint weekly conference to discuss the upcoming surgical cases for the week. Patients are also presented for consideration of surgery or to review their clinical course and explore alternate options for challenging cases.

PICU Morbidity and Mortality
This faculty mentored/fellow-led multidisciplinary monthly conference reviews the morbidities and mortalities in the PICU focusing on practice-based medicine, patient safety, and areas for system-wide improvement. 

Pediatric Cardiac Morbidity and Mortality
This faculty-mentored/fellow-led monthly conference is shared by PICU and Cardiology. Fellows present the morbidities and mortalities focusing on practice-based medicine, patient safety, and areas for system-wide improvement. 

Pediatric Trauma Multi-D Meeting
This monthly meeting is led by Pediatric Surgery and reviews the pediatric trauma patients. The purpose of this meeting is to focus on practice-based medicine, patient safety, and areas for system-wide improvement. 

Educational  Conferences

PICU Core Curriculum 
This conference is a weekly educational conference on the core principles and foundations of pediatric critical care medicine. Sessions are a mix of faculty-led and fellow-led topics. 

Journal Club
This faculty-mentored/fellow-led conference is where we review a recent or highly relevant critical care/cardiac critical care journal. Fellows review the articles based on PICO guidelines for systemic review.

Evidence-Based Medicine Conference
This faculty-mentored/fellow-led conference reviews a series of articles related to patient management. Topics are chosen by fellows based on recent clinical questions and reviewed based on level of evidence. 

Pediatric Grand Rounds
Weekly lectures for Department of Pediatrics staff on a variety of topics.

Frontiers in Pediatric Research
Lecture series highlighting advances in pediatric research. This series includes work by international and national leaders in research.

Other Conferences

PICU Pearls
Monthly sessions on topics such as career development, work-life balance, wellness and quality improvement.

Fellows are also able to attend a vast variety of lectures/seminars through the Carver College of Medicine, Iowa’s Institute for Clinical and Translational Science, and various departments throughout the hospital.