About the Program

Dr. Karam teaching in the OR

University of Iowa's Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation accepts seven new orthopedic residents and graduates seven orthopedic residents every year. There are 35 residents in the five year training program. The department attracts excellent residents from the Midwest as well as more diverse locations from around the country. The residency is based in a small but vibrant Midwestern city and all clinical training is at two hospitals: one major tertiary care university hospital and one VA hospital.

Our environment fosters close relations between residents and their family members. The residents have the opportunity to work one on one with dedicated, world-renowned faculty members. Over five years, residents master the clinical and surgical techniques and the basic sciences fundamental to current care of patients with injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Experiences at the VA hospital and clinical and basic research are all an integral part of the residency program for the exposure to all the major orthopedic subspecialties. 

The department has a long history and each resident becomes a part of this well-respected background. The small town atmosphere and covering only two hospitals decreases the overall call burden and facilitates home call. The department is dedicated to musculoskeletal research and residents have research opportunities in all the clinical and basic sciences. The program takes pride in preparing residents for subspecialty fellowships, successful academic careers, and future leadership positions in their communities and in orthopedic organizations.