Research Opportunities

Resident with medical student in labRegardless of your research interest, there is a mentor to be found at University of Iowa Health Care. The environment is collaborative, and whether you want to work inside or outside the Department of Neurosurgery, everyone here is open to receiving a neurosurgery resident with an interest in their area of expertise.

Presenting research

Our weekly Saturday conference gives an opportunity for you to present your research interests and progress to Dr. Howard for feedback, research mentoring, and career advice with the rest of your resident team. This is an opportunity to hone your research skills and receive guidance by Dr. Howard's expertise in collaborative research team building to help you become an academic surgeon scientist at the highest level.

Visiting professors

If there is an expert in your chosen field, it is easy to work with Dr. Howard to have that person come as a visiting professor to give a talk and give you a chance to form a collaboration together. For residents interested, there is also plenty of support during the research grant-writing process.