Missions and Aims

Mission statement of the University of Iowa Nephrology Training Program

The mission of the Nephrology Training Program at the University of Iowa is to prepare our Fellow trainees be qualified and competent patient care providers, and in addition, physician educators and/or physician scientists as each individual strives for his or her career goals.

Irrespective of career goal, each fellow will receive comprehensive clinical training focused on quality patient care in areas that include critical care nephrology, ambulatory nephrology, routine pre- and post-transplant care, primary ESRD management, glomerular disease, research methodology, quality improvement projects and multi-disciplinary care of patients with other major comorbidities. 

Program Aims:

  • Foster a learning environment that promotes fellow’s progressive responsibility and graduated autonomy in approaching complex as well as common renal related problems
  • Deliver a core curriculum of general nephrology clinical topics necessary for the practice of nephrology
  • Provide clinical experiences allowing fellows to learn and practice multi-disciplinary care and shared decision that reflects quality patient care and respect for patient values and preferences in both the inpatient and outpatient settings
  • Provide exposure to transplantation to gain knowledge beneficial for the general nephrologist
  • Provide opportunities for longitudinal continuity of care of patients with renal related problems
  • Provide mentorship to support fellow’s learning, scholarly activities, wellness and individualized career plans
  • Provide opportunities and mentorship in a variety of research tracks tailored to the renal fellows’ interest and talents including bench, outcomes, and clinical and translational research (expanded below)
  • Maintain a culture of wellness, camaraderie and mentorship
  • Provide an environment that fosters self-reflection, self-assessment and improvement and develop the skills for lifelong learning.
  • Promote acquisition of the necessary skills and knowledge for scholarly activity
  • Promote acquisition of the necessary skills and knowledge for teaching medical students and residents