Talks Given by Residents

Throughout their 3 years of training, our residents have numerous opportunities to teach.

Teaching medical students

Whether its informal teaching points in between patients on rounds, while walking to see a new admit in the ED, or a chalk-talk in the team room, most of our residents teaching time will be spent teaching students.

R2 talk

During the R2 year, our residents prepare a 30-minute presentation on any topic within internal medicine, ranging from Pulmonary Langerhans cell Histiocytosis to Clinical Reasoning Errors.  These presentations are prepared under the direction of a resident-chosen mentor who helps provide feedback.

Journal Club

During the R3 year, our residents prepare a 30-minute presentation on a recent ground-breaking study in the field of internal medicine.  The leading resident walks their peers through the study design and results and discusses the impact of this article on current practice.

Morbidity, Mortality, and Improvement Conference

Anytime during residency, our residents have the opportunity to present a patient case during our MMI conference and discuss the systems issues that negatively impacted patient care.

Morning Report

During the R2 and R3 year, our residents prepare a case presentation for their peers.  The presenting resident chooses the teaching points and drives the education of their co-residents forward.

ACP Clinical Vignette

All residents given one or more clinical vignette presentations during our friendly annual ACP clinical vignette competition throughout their residency.  The winner of the competition goes on to present at the statewide ACP chapter meeting.

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