Mission and Aims

Words most used by recruites to describe our program!The Department of Internal Medicine Residency Program is dedicated to educating future clinicians, physician scientists and scholars to serve the people of the state of Iowa, the nation and the world.  Our program provides comprehensive, broad-based training and is dedicated to developing confident, knowledgeable, professional and caring internists who will be well prepared for their roles in the rapidly changing environment of healthcare.  The three-year accredited program ensures that residents develop a strong foundation in general internal medicine so that they are able to address the wide range of problems encountered in clinical practice.  The program also responds to special interests of residents by offering experiences and instruction to meet individual career goals and to help residents transition from one phase of their professional career to the next.

Our Mission:

To provide our residents with the individualized instruction, training, and experiences that will help them excel in future careers as clinicians, educators, and scholars.

Program Aims:

  • Train physicians to be lifelong learners, committed to self-reflection, self-assessment, and improvement.
  • Advance clinical reasoning and judgement skills necessary to approach complex, as well as common, problems that present to the generalist.
  • Empower physicians to identify social determinants of health, to address disparities and to create a system that promotes equitable access, treatment, and outcomes for all patients.
  • Develop skills and knowledge in teaching, quality & safety, and scholarship.
  • Provide clinical experiences allowing residents to learn, and to practice delivering, team-based care that reflects respect for patient values and preferences.
  • Deliver a core curriculum allowing residents to gain knowledge that reflects understanding in the art of inquiry and science of discovery.
  • Maintain a culture of wellness which prioritizes resident support, camaraderie and mentorship.
  • Offer opportunities and flexibility supporting individualized career plans.
  • Foster a learning environment that promotes progressive responsibility and graduated autonomy.

Core Values:

  • Excellence & Integrity
  • Curiosity, Discovery, Innovation
  • Humanism
  • Strength in Diversity
  • Individualized Mentorship
  • Camaraderie & Belonging
  • Integrated Collaborative Learning Environment
  • Scholarship