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Clinical Specialist Pathway

The goal of the Clinical Specialist track is to prepare the fellow for a career in academia with a focus on clinical investigation.  This curriculum track will prepare oncology fellows for an academic career as a subspecialist without the need for additional subspecialty training post medical oncology fellowship.

The 6 areas of focus for this track are:

  • Melanoma and Sarcoma
  • Lymphoma
  • Neuroendocrine tumors
  • GU Oncology
  • Phase 1 and Experimental Therapeutics
  • Immunotherapy

Oncology fellows in this track will have increased clinical exposure in their areas of specialization. This would include:

  • Two weekly subspecialty clinics in their area of focus during their third year
  • Presentation and participation in multidisciplinary tumor boards within their subspecialty on a weekly basis
  • Fellows may elect to rotate in additional specialty clinics to further develop expertise.  For example, fellows in the neuroendocrine tumor pathway would rotate through neuro-endocrinology clinic and nuclear medicine; fellows in the melanoma/sarcoma clinic may rotate within dermatology and/or melanoma surgery clinic; fellows specializing in lymphoma would have additional rotations in hematopathology; fellows in immunotherapy would rotate through multiple outpatient clinics that have a focus on immunotherapy (for example, melanoma clinic and GU oncology)

During this 3-year program, Fellows will be required to conduct a research project and basic, translational or clinical research in their areas of specialization with Holden Cancer Center Investigators.

Fellow will have the opportunity to participate in the ICTS Certificate Program or selected coursework in clinical investigation.

Fellows will be encouraged to apply for peer-reviewed funding (including ASCO YIA) and apply to society-based clinical investigator workshops (ASH, ASCO, LLS, LRF).  Fellows will also attend and will be encouraged to present at national meetings focused on their area of subspecialization.