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Family Medicine 2020 in clinic

Thank you for your interest in the Family Medicine-Psychiatry Residency Program at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

Our five-year program offers combined training that prepares you to practice simultaneously as a family physician and psychiatrist. Developed through a collaboration between George Bergus, MD, professor in the Department of Family Medicine, and William Yates, MD, former professor in the Department of Psychiatry, the program enrolled its first residents in 1998. Michelle Weckmann, MD is the current program director. 

A critical element of our program's success is that both of our sponsor departments remain steadfast in their support for combined training. Resident education is a priority, and our residents get to fully participate in learning activities in both departments. Moreover, our community of dually-trained faculty members continues to grow. A total of seven faculty members have completed combined training in either family medicine-psychiatry or internal medicine-psychiatry, many at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

We encourage you to explore our website and contact us with any questions you may have for our residents and/or program director.

Why Iowa?

Our program will expose you to the widest range of patients and learning situations. Our community will provide a high quality of living. And you'll find a salary and benefit package that competes favorably with accredited programs in an academic medical setting.

Our Facilities

On any given day at UI Hospitals & Clinics more than 9,000 employees, students, and volunteers collaborate to provide safe, quality health care to our patients. This is a major regional referral center with a large patient base and incredible interdisciplinary learning opportunities.

Our Graduates

Include researchers, academic faculty, public health officials and at least one Fulbright scholar. Our program prepares residents to be leaders in their field. We are proud of their successes and fortunate to count such an accomplished pool of alumni as a resource for current residents.

Iowa City, Iowa

Not just a college town, Iowa City is North America's first and oldest UNESCO City of Literature. It is regularly named as a top small metro area in the U.S. due to its low cost of living, short commutes, and large variety of affordable recreational activities.


Our competitive stipends and excellent benefits add to our residents' quality of life. Read more specific information regarding benefits.