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Emergency Medicine conferenceThe residency supports five hours of weekly educational conference. This time is protected from clinical duty and all residents are expected to attend. An 18-month curriculum is in place that covers the “Model of the Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine.”

In addition to lectures, the residency incorporates case presentations, small group discussions, and oral board practice. Many conferences include simulations, either techniques such as ultrasound, procedures such as cardiac pacing, or important cases in the simulation lab. Additionally, once a month during "Big Thursdays" we focus on rare procedures and core curriculum, which is always an exciting, hands-on morning for all residents.

Topic: Psych/Team Thursday/Mock Oral Boards/Vulnerable Patients/MSK
Topic Coordinator: Sangil Lee, MD/Mike Takacs, MD/Brooks Obr, MD, MME/Dan Miller, MD, Nathaniel Shekem, PA-C/Matt Spragg, DO/Shannon Findlay, MD/Chris Hogrefe, MD
Location: EM Auditorium, 0070 RCP (Elevator F to LL, left off elevator, left at first doorway, through double doors, left at first hallway)

Journal Club

Journal Club is held monthly at a faculty member’s home. The articles are selected by faculty members as well as residents. The objective of journal club is two-fold: to keep up to date on medical literature pertinent to the practice of emergency medicine and to learn the essentials of evidence-based medicine. Food is provided by the faculty host!