Our Traditions

Over the years, members of the University of Iowa Department of Radiology have been responsible for some of the world’s firsts in diagnostic and interventional imaging. Our environment encourages innovative thinking, which has attracted a core of physician scientists, pushing the boundaries of our understanding of disease in order to better diagnose and treat it.

Our Technology

We work in one of the nation’s “Most Wired” hospitals—a distinction we’ve earned over the past decade. Our numbers of imaging services provided each year are staggering.

Our Care

We hold the country’s highest designation for several of our clinical services, a testament to the vision and dedication of our faculty care givers. In some cases, we’ve written the criteria for credentialing programs around the country to deliver effective treatment for complex conditions.

Our Goal

Changing Medicine. Changing Lives. We change medicine each day by asking the difficult “what if” questions. In doing so, we bring better outcomes for hundreds of lives each day. We prepare our residents to be compassionate and innovative healers and discoverers and invite them to join us on this quest to improve the human condition.