Do you need external funding for any part of the fellowship?

No, all of our fellowship positions are funded through the Department of Pediatrics. However, fellows are eligible for funding through a National Institutes of Health (NIH) T32 Training grant through the Fraternal Order of Eagles Diabetes Research Center.

What tracks do you offer?

We have one track, but our small size allows fellows to customize the experience to focus on research, clinical care, and/or teaching. A fellow and their scholarly oversight committee (SOC) will continuously reevaluate progress and goals to refine learning experiences. The SOC is assembled by the fellow and consists of the fellow's primary research mentor(s) and senior faculty members with expertise relevant to the fellow's career interests. At least one member of the SOC is from a different clinical division, which provides additional career perspective.

How large is the Stead Family Children's Hospital (SFCH)?

University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital is Iowa's only comprehensive children's hospital. We have 190 pediatric beds. Our first Children's hospital opened in 1919, and our beautiful new facility was opened in 2017. Last year, we cared for children from all of Iowa's 99 counties as well as 45 states and 20 countries.

Am I going to see enough volume and diversity in Iowa?

We provide care for the majority of pediatric endocrine patients in Iowa, and our catchment area also includes a significant portion of Missouri, Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Nebraska. Our patients come from diverse backgrounds in terms of SES, race, and ethnicity, providing a rich clinical and social experience. We care for over 800 patients with type 1 diabetes and ~150 patients with type 2 diabetes. We have an average of 1-2 new onset diabetes patients per week, about half of whom present DKA. We do an average of 16 new consults per month.

How successful are your fellows at passing their pediatric endocrine boards?

In the past five years, our board pass rate for fellows is 100%.

Is there anything fun to do in Iowa, or is it just cornfields?

Iowa City has a small town feel but all of the amenities of a big city. Our visitors are always amazed at what a hidden gem we have here, and we'd love to show and tell you about it. Whether you prefer artshistory, music, outdoor activities, Big10 College sports, farm-table restaurants, or even craft breweries, you will find something to love about Iowa City.

Does the division provide educational funds?

Yes. Each fellow is provided funds to travel to at least one conference per year. Fellows are also encouraged and supported to apply for other travel grants to attend additional conferences. Fellows are also provided with funds to buy books and other educational supplies.

Can I go to Diabetes Camp?

Yes! Fellows are encouraged but not required to attend Camp Hertko Hollow, Iowa's camp for kids with diabetes which was founded in 1968 by Dr. Hertko.

What clinical, research, and educational topics are faculty and fellows interested in?

Check out Dr. Norris's blog for the latest divisional news and topics.