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Clinical Rotations

Our Pediatric Endocrinology outpatient clinic is active, with over 3500 visits annually. We follow approximately 1000 patients with diabetes. We have an extensive referral base within the state of Iowa, as well as surrounding states.

Clinical time includes covering the inpatient service (consults and new endocrine patients) or outpatient clinics (endocrine clinics and electives).

While on inpatient clinical service, the fellow will admit any new endocrine patients and take new consults from general pediatrics and he other pediatric sub-specialties, including NICU and PICU. The fellow will be first call for outside consults. The fellow will take calls during the weeknights.

Outpatient clinical service is divided into 1-2 week stretches throughout the year. The fellow may choose to attend various subspecialty clinics during that week with one outpatient week consisting of 8 half-day clinics (in addition to the fellow ½ day continuity clinic on Thursday afternoons). 

While on inpatient call weeks, we have policies in place to recognize fellow fatigue and will transfer call responsibilities back to the attending physician if there are any concerns of excessive fatigue indicated by either the fellow or noticed by the attending physician. We have policies in place to recognize fellow fatigue and transfer "first call" back to attending if there are any concerns of excessive fatigue by fellow or faculty.

Fellows will have a continuity clinic for one half day weekly which is staffed by the on-service faculty and allows the fellow to develop their own panel of patients.

Throughout the three years of training, our program offers a significant amount of flexibility in scheduling so that clinical service is intermixed with research in a way that best supports the individual needs of the fellow. The fellows meet annually to plan the annual clinical service calendar. Changing clinical service dates is possible through trading shifts with other fellows.