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Residency Leadership

Andrea Swenson, MD, Program Director



  • Residency Program Director
S705 Carver Pavilion (RCP)
One of the most satisfying parts of being a program director is watching our talented residents become top-notch neurologists and future leaders in neurology. As our residents progress through their training, I enjoy teaching them at every level and truly appreciate how much I learn from them along the way.
George Richerson, MD, PhD



  • Chairman, Department of Neurology
  • Director, Clinical Neuroscientist Training Program
2151-A1 Carver Pavilion (RCP)
Our Neurology Department celebrated its 100th year in 2019. It has a long history of contributing to the field, but there has never been a better time to become a neurologist. There are already many new treatments used for neurological disease, and there are many new advances in neuroscience on the verge of being translated to even more therapies. At Iowa, many of our trainees are taught to succeed in career paths from basic to translational to clinical research, and they are all taught to be excellent clinicians.
Tracey Cho, MD



  • Vice Chair for Education
S701 General Hospital (GH)
Working with our residents gets me excited for work every day. Their enthusiasm to learn, dedication to patients, and care for each other inspires me to learn and improve my own neurological skills.
Deema Fattal, MD



  • VA Site Director
  • Director of Resident Wellness Initiatives
2RC-2157 Carver Pavilion (RCP)
Mind your NESS! Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Stress.
Kumar Narayanan, MD, PhD



  • Assistant Director, Clinical Neuroscientist Training Program
1336 Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building (PBDB)
The University of Iowa is really a unique place to train. We have committed and passionate clinicians who are at the forefront of neurology, and our whole department collaborates to train the next generation of leaders in neurology. Our residents are key partners in this process and are heavily involved in research; they present at national and international conferences and publish in the very best journals.
Caroline Martin, MA



  • Education Manager