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Education and Conferences

Conference Requirements for R1-R3 Residents

Noon Conference 

Formal resident teaching occurs daily at noon conferences, which provides instruction in radiologic imaging and principles in a structured, organized manner. As the premier departmental conferences for residents, the daily Noon Conference provides comprehensive coverage of topics germane to diagnostic imaging. These conferences are subspecialty-based and given by faculty members. 

The noon conferences are based on a two-year curriculum, to ensure that all residents have an opportunity to be exposed to information critical to their training twice during their residency. Attended by both residents and faculty members, this conference is critically evaluated by our residents for both content and quality. The Noon Conference is supplemented with frequent guest lecturers, which provides residents and faculty with the opportunity to hear nationally and internationally recognized radiologists. The Department typically has one visiting guest lecturer per month.

The Noon Conference schedule begins in July and August with the "Introduction to Radiology" series of lectures, generally geared toward the first-year residents, but attended by all residents as a general overview of the various sections within radiology.

Morning Conference 

Formal teaching is also accomplished through daily sectional conferences in all subspecialty areas. Morning Conference is a case-based conference to allow all the residents to see the interesting cases throughout the department. Although more informal than the Noon Conference, sectional conferences provide an additional means to assure that residents cover specific topics relevant to the subspecialty areas through which they rotate. The purpose of these sectional conferences is to provide additional assurance that residents are taught material that is thought to be so fundamentally important to warrant repeated individual attention.

  • Morning Conference Schedule

    • Monday:  Ultrasound / Interventional or Mammography
    • Tuesday:  Body Imaging
    • Wednesday:  Neuroradiology
    • Thursday:  Chest / Nuclear Medicine
    • Friday:  Musculoskeletal / Pediatric Radiology

Core Radiology Review Course 

First year residents participate in a review course (using the Jacob Mandell's textbook Core Radiology). Faculty from each section are assigned to a session and they present a formal review of assigned chapters. This provides the first year residents with a general overview of the fundamentals prior to taking call.

Conference Requirements for R4-R5 Residents

Interventional Radiology Core Conference

This conference is held weekly and alternates every 4th week with the VIR M&M Conference.

Core Curriculum Sessions

These are held weekly and during the course of the academic year, vascular and non-vascular disease core materials are currently reviewed and discussions are led by the DR residents alternating each week. The material consists of selected chapters from comprehensive IR textbooks, “Vascular and Interventional Radiology: The Requisites” by John A. Kaufman and “Abrams Angiography: Interventional Radiology" by Stanley Baum, required reading material during the training. The residents will summarize and discuss a chapter from this textbook. Attending will be IR residents, the rotating radiology residents and medical students, as well as a designated VIR staff who will supervise the session.

Morbidity/Mortality (M&M) Conference

The M&M Conference will be presented monthly. Residents will present complications that they were involved in along with the responsible staff physician. In addition, the residents will be encouraged to attend Department of Radiology M&M.

Multidisciplinary Vascular Conference

This conference, held weekly by the Vascular Surgery Service, is an outstanding opportunity for the IR resident to become versed in the discipline of Vascular Surgery and will gain insight on the way this closely allied specialty manages the entire spectrum of vascular disorders. This will allow the trainees to become familiar with epidemiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, imaging, and clinical evaluation of vascular disorders. It offers valuable discussion on the value of conservative management, and appropriateness guidelines of intervening on vascular diseases and the alternative of open and endovascular therapies available.

Radiology Grand Rounds

Department of Radiology faculty from all subspecialties and invited guest speakers speak to the combined Department divisions. Each IR resident will be assigned a topic to present at Grand Rounds.

Radiology/VIR Board Review

Case discussion is offered daily March through May. Five to six interventional review sessions are given by VIR staff, from which the DR residents participate and benefit from the “Oral Board” style interactions and reviews. IR residents will be expected to attend.

VIR Journal Club

Held bimonthly. DR Residents and the other rotating trainees discuss pertinent publications under the supervision of VIR staff members. IR residents will be expected to attend and participate.

Other Conferences

  • Tumor Board - This is both interdepartmental and multidisciplinary. Residents will be required to attend if mutual patients are being presented; otherwise, residents are strongly encouraged to attend.
  • Multidisciplinary Thrombosis Group Conference - This is both interdepartmental and multidisciplinary. When a specific mutual patient is being discussed, the IR resident involved will be required to attend.
  • Gastrointestinal Conference - This is multidisciplinary. IR residents will be encouraged to attend but not required unless a mutual patient is being presented.
  • Transplantation Conference - IR residents will be required to attend only when a mutual patient is being discussed.
  • Renovascular/Nephrology - Multidisciplinary.  IR residents will be required to attend and their participation will be required as part of the discussion.

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