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3rd Year Class

Taylor Becker
Taylor Becker, MD
Central Michigan University
Taylor Cox
Taylor Cox, MD
University of Iowa
Jon Day
Jon Day, MD
Southern Illinois University

Josh Denk
Joshua Denk, MD
Medical College of Wisconsin
Dave Dimachkie
Dave Dimachkie, MD
University of Kansas
Katelin Durham
Katelin Durham, MD
University of Iowa

Aron Evans
Aron Evans, MD
University of Iowa
Alex Garza
Alex Garza, MD
University of Iowa
Rachel Genova
Rachel Genova, MD, PhD
University of Iowa

Antony Gout
Antony Gout, MD
University of Iowa
Reed Johnson
Reed Johnson, MD
University of Iowa
Alicia Kilian
Alicia Killian, MD
University of Minnesota

Erin Meyers
Erin Meyers, MD
University of Iowa
Stephen Peltier
Stephen Peltier, MD
Western Michigan University
Shahana Prakash
Shahana Prakash, MD
Ohio State University

Adam Prescott
Adam Prescott, MD
Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University
Mahak Saad
Mahak Saad, MD
University of Texas Health Science Center
Erin Sternhagen
Erin Sternhagen, MD
University of South Dakota

Colten Stewart
Colten Stewart, M
Wright State University
Stephen Stone
Stephen Stone, MD
University of California, San Francisco
Naomi Vather
Naomi Vather-Wu, MD
University of Iowa

Arya Zandvakili
Arya Zandvakili, MD, PhD
University of Cincinnati
Kathie Zhang
Kathie Zhang, MD
University of Arizona