Procedure Certification

Certification levels are defined by COCATS 3 as follows:

Level 1: Basic training required of all trainees to be competent consultant cardiologists.

Level 2: Additional training in one or more specialized areas that enables the cardiologist to perform or interpret (or both) specific procedures at an intermediate skill level or engage in rendering cardiovascular care in specialized areas.

Level 3: Advanced training in a specialized area that enables a cardiologist to perform, interpret, and train others to perform and interpret specific procedures at a high skill level.

In general, level 2 certification is required to independently interpret and/or perform a specific cardiac procedure and level 3 certification is required to run a procedure-related laboratory.

All fellows are required to maintain detailed documentation of the procedures they perform as described in the "Procedure Documentation" section of this manual. This procedure log is to be turned in twice a year to be reviewed by the program director during the fellow’s biannual evaluation.