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Fellowship Tracks

Clinical/Clinician-Educator Track

Clinical/Clinician-Educator Track:  to prepare fellows for a career as an ID consultant and educator either in a private or academic setting:

  1. Elective rotations in addition to those of the standard curriculum include those listed as electives under “Clinical Activities”
  2. Antimicrobial Stewardship/Hospital Epidemiology electives, including participation in Infection Prevention Workgroup Meetings
  3. IDSA Membership and during the second year, attendance at IDWeek
  4. SHEA membership, if desired
  5. Nomination to participate in IDSA Clinical Fellows Meeting or other clinical meeting of fellows’ choice
  6. Participation in Department of Medicine Fellows as Clinician Educator Program (FACE), year 2, if desired
  7. Tropical medicine opportunity (Brazil, India, Thailand)
  8. Internal Medicine Resident ID curriculum teaching sessions, year 2
  9. Participation in UIHC Quality Leadership Academy

Healthcare/Hospital Epidemiology and Clinical Investigation Track

Healthcare/Hospital Epidemiology and Clinical Investigation Track:  to prepare fellows as ID consultants with special emphasis in Hospital Epidemiology, Antimicrobial Stewardship and/or Clinical Investigation, especially at an academic medical center.

Components and opportunities include:

  1. SHEA, IDSA membership
  2. Attendance at SHEA meeting or 2nd meeting of fellow’s choice related to Hospital Epidemiology/Infection Prevention
  3. Attendance at IDWeek during year 2
  4. Additional rotations in Antimicrobial Stewardship and Hospital Epidemiology (beyond the standard first year rotation) and attendance at hospital-wide Infection Prevention workgroup meetings; involvement in outbreak investigations and other work of the Programs of Hospital Epidemiology at UIHC and the Iowa City VA
  5. Participation in University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics focused work groups to reduce healthcare-associated infections
  6. Scholarly projects in Hospital Epidemiology, Healthcare Delivery, Quality Improvement, or Computational Epidemiology (see research page)
  7. If academic career planned, paths to MPH or Masters of Science in Clinical Investigation during 3rd and 4th years
  8. Nomination for VA Quality Scholars Program, according to career goals
  9. Nomination to VA’s 2-year Health Services Research fellowship, according to career goals
  10. Participation in IDSA’s Emerging Infections Network surveys and publications
  11. Participation in UI Hospitals & Clinics Lean Improvement Model for Healthcare course, year 2
  12. Participation in UIHC Quality Leadership Academy

Physician Scientist Track

Physician Scientist Track: to prepare fellows for careers in ID-related investigative laboratory science.

Primarily for those with prior basic science experience. In addition to the basic curriculum:

  1. Membership in specialty society pertinent to area of chosen research
  2.  Laboratory research project. Mentors/projects are available, both from within the ID division and from other divisions and departments (e.g. Microbiology, Immunology, Pulmonary Medicine, etc.). Areas of focus within the ID division include:
    1. Inflammation and innate immunity [see faculty at Inflammation Program]
    2. Virology (Dr. Jack Stapleton and Dr. Jeff Meier)
    3. Parasitology (Dr. Mary Wilson), including collaborative projects with Tropical Medicine Institute in Natal, Brazil (Selma Jeronimo, MD, PhD)
    4. Vaccinology [see Vaccine Education and Research Unit]
    5. Other labs directed by Carver College of Medicine research faculty or University of Iowa departments
      1. Department of Microbiology and Immunology
  3. Support for 3rd and 4th year of fellowship with primary research focus through several mechanisms
    1. Infectious Disease Training Grant (T32)
    2. Parasitism Training Grant
    3. Immunology Training Grant

Scientific meeting during 2nd or 3rd year