About the Program

The training program is designed to provide fellows with strong clinical and research foundations in Infectious Diseases through an integrated curriculum.  The first year is primarily devoted to clinical rotations, microbiology and training in Antimicrobial Stewardship and Hospital Epidemiology.  During the second year, in addition to a modest number of clinical rotations, fellows choose one of three tracks to allow for individualized training to enhance preparedness for their career goals (Clinician/Clinician-Educator; Healthcare/Hospital Epidemiology and Clinical Investigation; Physician-Scientist).  Flexible months allow for in-depth scholarly work to occur in the second year. For fellows planning a career in academic medicine and engaged in fruitful research, a third year of fellowship primarily dedicated to continued research is offered.  We encourage fellows planning a career in academic medicine to consider graduate work during years 2 and/or 3.