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Interview Information

We will interview selected candidates beginning in September through October. Because of COVID-19, our interview process will be virtual. Once scheduled, your interview itinerary will also include a link to our "Welcome Presentation," which will give you an overview of the program. 

On your interview day, you will have the opportunity to meet the program director and associate program director as well as multiple faculty members. Based on information you provide in your application, we will strive to match you with the faculty interviewers in your field of interest. We will also arrange a session for you with our current fellows who can describe life in Hematology/Oncology at the University of Iowa as well as life in Iowa City.

We realize that selecting a fellowship “virtually” is a challenge. In addition to our interviews and fellow panels, we will also soon supplement the already-robust information about our program on these webpages with even more information about our program. For now we invite you to learn more about graduate medical education at University of Iowa Health Care, the University of Iowa, and Iowa City!