Our Mission

The mission of the University of Iowa Hematology and Oncology fellowship program is to develop outstanding clinicians who will be future leaders in hematology and oncology. As the state of Iowa's only tertiary care referral center, we serve both our local community and the entire state through care of patients with hematologic or oncologic diagnoses. Our purpose is to develop fellows who can serve as future clinicians for the community in the State of Iowa, as well as future leaders in research in hematology and oncology here at the University of Iowa and elsewhere who will promote improved health through the development of innovative research and improved clinical care. The mission of our fellowship program aligns closely with the mission of the University of Iowa Health Care which is to promote discovery, innovative education and excellent patient care for the people of the State of Iowa.

We Aim to:

  1. Train hematologists and oncologists who are experts in the science of hematology and oncology, responsive to the psychosocial needs of patients with cancer and blood disorders, and sensitive to the impact of socioeconomic factors that can impact delivery of care and quality of life.
  2. Support fellows in the development of their individual career.  This starts with helping the fellow discern their career path, tailoring the educational curriculum to meet their individual educational needs, and supporting the fellow with mentorship to guide them through their fellowship training.
  3. Train physicians who have developed the skills of resilience and self-care to enable them to have a long, healthy and productive career.