Ultrasound Community of Practice


The Ultrasound Community of Practice was established in 2019 by the Office of Graduate Medical Education to facilitate a community of practice focused on ultrasound technologies and methods by discussing emerging technology, best practices, innovative curricula and assessment, as well as fostering collaborations across disciplines.


Membership includes an interdepartmental group of faculty physicians who specialize or are deeply ingrained in the use of ultrasound technology.

  • Brian Shian, MD;  Family Medicine
  • George Bergus, MD;  Family Medicine
  • Archit Sharma, MBBS;  Anesthesia
  • John Keech, MD;  Surgery
  • Manish Suneja, MD; Internal Medicine
  • Justin Smock, MD;  Internal Medicine
  • Bharat Kumar, MD;  Internal Medicine
  • Greg Schmidt, MD;  Internal Medicine
  • Catie Metz, MD;  Diagnostic Radiology
  • Francisco Donato, MD;  Diagnostic Radiology
  • Marc Pizzimenti, PhD;  CCOM Anatomy
  • Mederic Hall, MD;  Sports Medicine
  • Brad Van Voorhis, MD;  Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility
  • Andrea Greiner, MD;  Maternal Fetal Medicine
  • Kurt Bjorkman, MD;  Pediatrics
  • Ravi Ashwath, MD;  Pediatrics
  • Cory Wittrock, MD;  Emergency Medicine
  • Elizabeth Takacs, MD;  Urology
  • Ryan Steinberg, MD;  Urology 
  • Gerald Wickham, EdD; Office of GME
  • Hillary Chapppo, MHA; Office of GME

Interested in joining the Ultrasound Community of Practice? Contact Gerry at gerald-wickham@uiowa.edu