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Sioux City, Iowa, serves as the regional hub for business, employment, industry, retail trade, medical care, educational opportunities, and tourism in northwest Iowa, southeast South Dakota, and northeast Nebraska. More than 165,000 people live in the tri-state metropolitan area. A dynamic and growing community, we are proud to share Sioux City with you. 

Sioux City Family Rose Hill Splashpad


Home to thousands of families, the Siouxland Community has something for everyone:

Food Scene and Night Life 

Historic 4th Street in downtown Sioux City is home to a vibrant food scene and night life. Check out a few of the local favorites, as well as other top spots around the area:

Sioux City food trucks
Sioux City The Arts

The Arts 

From headlining tours to local theater productions, Siouxland's art and music culture is thriving:


From our annual music festival to museums, splash pads, and sledding under the lights, there's tons of recreational fun for people of all ages:

Sioux City farmers market
Sioux City travel


Whether it's around town or outside the city limits, it's easy to get where you're going with our transportation options: