Current Residents

James Jackson, MD

James Jackson, portrait

Class: 2020
Hometown: Louisville, Ky.
Undergraduate school: Carleton College
Medical school: University of Kentucky, College of Medicine
Professional interests: Medical ethics, global mental health, and community health

Victoria (Torie) Tann, MD

Victoria (Torie) Tann, portrait

Class: 2020
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Undergraduate school: The Ohio State University
Medical school: University of Toledo, College of Medicine and Life Sciences
Professional interests: The intersection of health care and human rights/social justice issues, social determinants of health and underserved populations, global health, women's health, HIV/AIDS, and medical education
Outside interests: Languages, traveling, running, good coffee, Latin dancing, and curling up with a good book

Claire McKinley, MD, MS

Claire McKinley, portrait

Class: 2021
Hometown: San Diego
Undergraduate school: Georgetown University
Medical school: Tulane University
Professional interests: Assertive community treatment, health disparities, and immigrant and refugee health
Outside interests: Piano, hiking, and travel

Jingna Zhao, MD

Jingna Zhao, portrait

Class: 2021
Hometown: Flushing, N.Y.
Undergraduate school: Dartmouth College
Medical school: State University of New York Downstate
Professional interests: Evidence-based medicine, ethics, advocacy, and motivational interviewing
Outside interests: Fantasy novels, exercise, and piano

Nader Shakir, DO

Nader Shakir, portrait

Class: 2022
Hometown: Pittsburgh
Undergraduate school: Carnegie Mellon University
Medical school: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Professional interests: Health disparities, refugee and immigrant health, treatment of PTSD, health care education, and community improvement
Outside interests: Technology, building and repairing computers, hiking, squash, traveling, and spending time with my family

Kumi Yuki, MD

Kumi Yuki, portrait

Class: 2022
Hometown: Nagoya, Japan
Undergraduate school: Nagoya City University 
Medical school: Nagoya City University Medical School
Professional interests: Integration of psychiatry and family medicine, child psychiatry, global medicine, and counseling psychology
Outside interests: Parenting, swimming, gardening, yoga, and having fun with family and friends

Kate Jarvis, MD 

Kate Jarvis, portrait
Class: 2023
Hometown: Menominee, Ill.
Undergraduate school: Knox College
Medical school: University of Illinois
Professional interests: Integrating family medicine and psychiatry, rural healthcare, and geriatric mental health care
Outside interests: Cooking, reading, spending time on my family's dairy farm, and spending time with friends and family

Nicole Woodson-DeFauw, MD 

Nicole Woodson-DeFauw, portrait
Class: 2023
Hometown: Davenport, Iowa
Undergraduate school: Luther College 
Medical school: Meharry Medical College
Professional interests: Health disparities, social determinants of health, adolescent medicine, addiction medicine, and mentoring pre-med students
Outside interests: Playing violin, powerlifting, spending time with family, watching movies, and playing games

Grace Breuer, MD

Grace Breuer, portrait

Class: 2024
Hometown: Midland, Mich.
Undergraduate school: Michigan State University
Medical school: Central Michigan University
Professional interests: Primary care mental health integration, rural health care, addiction medicine, women’s health, and health education
Outside interests: Baking, hiking, spending time with family and friends, and board games

Kale Siebert, MD

Kale Siebert, MD

Class: 2024
Hometown: Deerwood, Minn.
Undergraduate school: University of St. Thomas
Medical school: University of Minnesota
Professional interests: LGBTQ medicine, integrating psychiatry into primary care, addiction medicine, and underserved medicine
Outside interests: Running, traveling, snowboarding, rock climbing, yoga, food, studying Japanese, and tech