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Fellowship Mission & Aims

Mission Statement

Our mission as an endocrinology program is to develop academic leaders who will advance endocrinology research and practice, and train endocrinologists who will provide the highest quality care to patients with endocrine disorders in all health care settings.

Program Aims

Our program aims to:

  1. Support trainees in becoming lifelong learners, committed to self-reflection, self-assessment, and improvement 
  2. Engage trainees in methods of individualized learning that will improve critical thinking and clinical skills regardless of future career path 
  3. Deliver a core curriculum and clinical experiences that teach basic and advanced endocrine biochemistry, physiology and pathophysiology, providing the basis for understanding, preventing and treating endocrine disorders 
  4. Provide clinical experiences that allow trainees to deliver cost effective team-based care that respects patient values and preferences 
  5. Support trainees in developing the necessary skills and knowledge used in the areas of teaching, quality and safety, and scholarship 
  6. Provide opportunities and flexibility supporting individualized career plans 
  7. Foster a learning environment that promotes progressive responsibility and graduated autonomy 
  8. Maintain a culture of wellness that emphasizes self-care, peer support, camaraderie, and mentorship 
  9. Maintain a learning environment that fosters professionalism, including interactions with peers and other health care providers, communication with patients and families, confidentiality, and avoidance of conflict of interest