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Our stipend schedule is designed to provide each house staff member with income to maintain a comfortable standard of living in Iowa City and surrounding communities. The total compensation compares to the top training programs in the country.

Annual stipends are as follows:

Pay Grade Levels Stipends
PGY-1 $60,000 $61,700
PGY-2 $62,000 $63,900
PGY-3 $64,100 $66,000
PGY-4 $66,600 $68,600
PGY-5 $68,800 $70,900
PGY-6 $71,300 $73,400
PGY-7 $73,600 $76,000

The stipends are paid monthly, on the first day of the month (e.g., for appointments that begin July 1, the first stipend will be paid August 1.)