Life, Disability and Malpractice Coverage

All house staff members are provided a long-term group disability income insurance program by the University of Iowa at no cost. Enrollment in this insurance plan is mandatory and is funded by the University.

The University of Iowa provides life insurance coverage for all employees at no cost. Participation in the University’s group term life insurance program is a condition of employment for employees who hold a 50% time or greater appointment; coverage is required. All house staff members have a multiple of 2 times his/her budgeted stipend for the Group Life coverage. House staff are eligible to enroll in the following life insurance benefits options:

  • Supplemental Life Insurance
  • Spouse and Dependent Life Insurance
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

Complete information on nonmedical coverage for house staff is available on the University of Iowa Human Resources website.

The University of Iowa reserves the right to change the benefits programs at any time. As with all benefits programs, the University of Iowa is unable to guarantee that the details listed and coverages of these benefits programs will be in effect throughout your employment.

UI Hospitals and Clinics provide house staff with liability protection at no cost. The plan is the equivalent of an occurrence malpractice policy. The State Tort Claims Act provides the house staff member with liability protection, without dollar limits, for clinical services rendered in Iowa within the scope of the training program.