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About the Program

Quick Facts:

  • Duration of the program is 12 months; 75% inpatient care and 25% ambulatory care
  • Rotations include: Inpatient/consultation service. Longitudinal ambulatory care, cardiac catheterization laboratory, research, conferences.
  • University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics has a tradition of medical excellence with facilities for clinical and research training.
  • Following completion of the training program the fellow will be able to develop and enhance the trainee’s skills:
    1. In the clinical assessment of the advanced heart failure patient (eg ACC/AHA clinical stages C and D) and assessing candidacy for advanced heart failure therapeutics (including inotrope support, intraaortic balloon pump (IABP), extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), ventricular assist device (VAD), and cardiac transplantation)
    2. In the clinical assessment of pulmonary hypertension and use of pulmonary vasodilator therapy.
    3. In communicating findings and diagnostic/therapeutic plans to the patient and family as well as the patient’s primary care physician
    4. In leadership and teaching of residents and general cardiology fellows that are otherwise caring for the patient or rotating through the Advanced Heart Failure/Transplant service.