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Class of 2023

Radiology class of 2023

Left to right: Sabarish Narayanasamy, MD; Andrew Hill, MD; Joseph Giesler, MD; Tyler McDermott, MD; Katey Molinarolo, MD; Bradford Oliva, MD (DR/IR program); Daniela Cunha, MD; Kimberly Ferris, MD

Class of 2024

Radiology diagnostic residency class of 2024

Left to right: Robert Esposito, MD; Daniella Karassawa Zanoni, MD; Johnny Kingyon, MD; Karan Rao, MD; Aditi Patel, MD; Taylor Sellers, MD; Eric Sung, MD; Xin (Malia) Zhan, MD

Class of 2025

class of 2025

Left to right: Farris Abou-Hanna, MD; Maura Alambert, MD; Brendan Carney, DO (DR/IR); Ayca Dundar, MD; Camila Gadens Zamboni, MD; Joseph Hindman, MD; Andrew Monforton, MD; Gage Winger, MD

Class of 2026

Photo composite of radiology residency class of 2026

Left to right: Bryan Bozung, MD; Benjamin Fick, MD; Brian Grieve, MD; Michael Guo, MD; Joshua Hanscom, MD (DR/IR); Jessica Hui, MD; Thomas Reith, MD; Ryan Staudte, MD