The Interview

When do interviews take place?

Interviews will take place from August – October for the following year July start date. Our fellowship program coordinator will reach out to determine your availability by email and once a date is agreed upon, an itinerary will be arranged and provided to the candidate well in advance of the date.  Generally candidates arrive the evening before the interview and depart late afternoon the day of the interview. The candidate will arrange their own flight reservation and the fellowship program is pleased to provide hotel accommodations, meals, and ground transportation to and from the hospital and airport.

What should I expect the night before my interview?

One of our team members will meet you in the hotel lobby to escort you to dinner with current fellows, faculty members and significant others.  Dress is casual but remember to wear a light jacket in case of cooler evening temperatures. This get-together is an opportunity for you to meet us, your potential future colleagues, and we are here to answer your questions. Don’t be shy about asking about the things that are on your mind.

What should I expect on the interview day?

We will arrange for transportation from your hotel to the hospital, which will be outlined in your itinerary. We suggest business attire for your interview day. We are happy to keep any personal belongings for you in a secure place for the duration of your visit. We will provide to you an overview of the program, tour of the facilities, meetings with program director, division director, faculty members, research physicians, and a lunch meeting with current fellows. Depending on travel arrangements, meetings may extend into the afternoon.