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How to Apply

The Otolaryngology Fellowship program offers services in otology/neurotology, cleft-craniofacial, vascular annomlies and general pediatric otolaryngology clinical and research. This is a one year program consisting of weekly conferences in cleft palate-craniofacial clinical conference, M & Ms, and Grand Rounds.


Applicants for the ACGME accredited position must be graduates of an ACGME-accredited Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery residency training program in the US or Canada including Osteopathic graduates trained in an ACGME accredited residency. Physicians trained outside of the US or Canada in a non-ACGME residency or Osteopathic physicians that completed residency in an Osteopathic core program do not qualify. (Please note that ACGME accredited programs may also have non accredited positions so please contact the individual Fellowship Director at the programs for more details).

Programs that are not ACGME accredited may hire fellows trained outside of the US or Canada at their discretion. Applicants should review program descriptions and verify eligibility prior to submitting an application.

All positions that are either offered for an ACGME accredited program or not will still be offered through the matching mechanism.

Central Application Service (CAS)
SF Match’s Central Application Service (CAS) distributes complete applications to programs electronically. The use of CAS is mandatory for both programs and applicants.