Education and Conferences

Pediatric Nephrology Fellows Lecture Series

This twice-monthly lecture series is designed to cover the full content specifications of the Pediatric Nephrology sub-board of the American Board of Pediatrics every 2 years in a rotating schedule. The lectures are mostly given by the attending pediatric nephrologists, but the series also includes guest lectures from pharmacy, urology, dialysis nurse management, hospital administration, and dialysis water management. Fellows present selected topics 3-4 times per year.  Lectures are designed to be interactive, and the small group format encourages fellows to ask clarifying questions to maximize their learning. 

Pediatric Nephrology Division Meetings

These weekly meetings include case discussions and division updates.  The current inpatient cases are discussed as well as outpatient cases as needed. 

Pediatric Fellows Core Curriculum Seminars

Weekly departmental fellow seminars provide opportunities to enhance professional development, explore research options, and advance teaching skills.  Our fellows interact with other pediatric faculty and fellows during these conferences.  They have a chance to present their research to the pediatric department, get feedback, and learn how to evaluate their peers' research projects.

Pediatric Dialysis Patient Care Conference and Quality Assurance/Performance Improvement (QAPI)

These meetings involve discussions on dialysis outpatient care.  We review each dialysis patient with discussion of laboratory results as well as concerns that the primary physician may have regarding growth/nutrition, social well-being, or ability to refer to transplant.  This session includes teaching about pathophysiology, management of dialysis problems, and discussion with specialized team members including dialysis nurses, dietician, and social work.

Pediatric Transplant Surgery Conference

This monthly conference gives the fellows the opportunity to interact with the pediatric transplant team.  Pediatric patients who are pending kidney transplant are discussed during these meetings.

Pathology Meetings

Ad-hoc meetings with the renal pathologist are set via videoconference to review slides remotely, allowing fellows and faculty to see the slides with the helpful guidance of the pathologist.

Combined Adult and Pediatric Nephrology Fellows Seminars

Dialysis "Practicals"

These review sessions allow fellows to see the equipment, learn the technical aspects, and evaluate actual patient studies.  Clinical cases conferences are chosen from pertinent patient scenarios with interesting or difficult diagnoses or a diagnostic and therapeutic dilemma.

Journal Club

Topics are chosen to discuss state of the art or cutting-edge articles.  Case based discussion sessions are run by faculty and are aimed at assessing the fellows' knowledge base and thought process in article interpretation and review.

Fellows' Pathology Conference 

Staff renal pathologists provide teaching seminars for adult/pediatric fellows to review cases and pertinent pathology.  Fellows can practice use of the microscope and discuss basic to advanced pathology in a conversational setting.

Adult/Pediatric Pathology Conference

Staff renal pathologists chose interesting cases to be presented at a joint adult/pediatric pathology conference and discuss the clinical and pathological correlates of the case.  The referring physician (staff or fellow) is asked to present the case.

Board Review

These seminars include a variety of teaching sessions on a rotating basis.  Fellows discuss core curriculum based on KSAP (American Society of Nephrology).