Pediatric Board Certification

Medical specialty certification in the United States is a voluntary process which serves multiple purposes for the trainee and the public. The goal of this program is for all trainees to meet board eligibility criteria to sit the American Board of Pediatrics' Endocrinology boards by the end of their fellowship training.

Certification is:

  • One mission of the training program to produce trainees who meet board eligibility criteria.
  • Distinguishes a physician as someone with a distinct level of expertise.
  • Provides more opportunities when applying for employment.
  • Presents resources and tools by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS).
  • A commitment to life-long improvement for providing the best patient care.
  • Elevates physicians into the ranks of doctors committed to the highest standards of healthcare.

Our program provides enough clinical flexibility within the first four months of fellowship training to incoming first year fellows to study for and take their General Pediatric Board Exam. Prometric testing centers are conveniently located within 30 minutes to one hour away depending on desired location.

For more information visit the American Board of Pediatrics for specifics on board certification requirements.