Our People

Hemodynamics Faculty

The Neonatal Hemodynamics Faculty and Fellows are the heart of our program. We welcome learners, trainees, and/or observers from across the nation and throughout the world with an open-door philosophy. During your experience at Iowa, you will be exposed to cutting edge methods of evaluating the cardiovascular health of critically ill infants from some of the best clinicians, researchers, and teachers in our profession.

The hemodynamics faculty are dedicated to helping you achieve your training aims. Inpatient service expectations are well-balanced with ample learning opportunities and enthusiastic teaching. These opportunities include, but are not limited to, one-on-one settings, interactive lectures, learning with an ECHO simulator, and daily TnECHO review sessions.

Our reviews are a case-based physiology discussion with an emphasis on comprehensiveness, the unique aspects of neonatal physiology and pharmacotherapeutics. We work in close collaboration with our pediatric cardiology colleagues to ensure a breadth of exposure to red flags for congenital heart disease and ensure pediatric echocardiography lab training with co-supervision by the director of the University of Iowa Pediatric Echo Lab.

Fellows will also be exposed to ongoing research opportunities in which they will learn research methodology and participate in data acquisition and analysis. We provide personalized opportunities for you to learn career-long lessons from these dedicated professionals.